When is the Bank's Credit Registry Improved?

In line with your needs, you may not be able to take out a loan from a bank or pay it on a delayed basis and watch it on an irregular schedule. All of these financial transactions take place in your credit record. Although the credit record and credit rating are used as if they are the same thing, they are different concepts. Credit rating; is a structure that occurs spontaneously when you pay your credit debt or credit card debt on a regular basis. This means that when you make a regular payment, your credit rating will increase or decrease without you having to take any further action. However, it is not possible to automatically delete records in the credit register . It is also up to you how long it will take to recover. Now let’s look for answers to questions about when your credit track record will correct.

Credit Registry Inquiry


You can learn your credit record from the bank you use the loan, but you should send a petition to the Central Bank for all the details. Credit institutions for the most accurate record of the interrogation process is the Central Bank of Luzvimin.

When is the Credit Registry improved? How to Delete?

When is the Credit Registry improved? How to Delete?

When the banks do not pay your credit or credit card debt within 90 days, you will notify the Central Bank and you will be blacklisted by the bank. The Credit Registry will keep your credit record . And it takes five years after you have paid your debt to clear your record. You must write a petition to have your credit record deleted. An example of the Central Bank’s registration clearance petition is available on the official website of the Central Bank.

How can I improve my credit record?

How can I improve my credit record?

You must make regular payments to keep your credit record clean. However, if you cannot pay regularly and have broken your credit record, it is up to you to correct your record within an average period of 1 year after you finish your payment. Of course, we say that the period of 1 year according to your payments may be shortened or may be extended. After you finish your debt, take a low-limit credit card and pay your monthly debt instead of paying the minimum amount. Pay in due date with minimum figures and without disruptions by pulling short-term loans. If you do so, it is possible that your credit record will improve over time. Clearing the bank register is difficult but as you can see it is not impossible. After you get over these processes and clear your credit record, you will be able to use any amount of credit.

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