What is a Credit Rating?

The scoring system, which evaluates the financial history and performs risk analysis in banking activities by using the bank’s pros and cons in the current period, is called a credit rating. Credit rating is calculated by evaluating all banking transactions in the last 5 years.

In determining the credit rating

credit rating

  • Retrospective regular credit and credit card payments are 30 percent,
  • 25 percent of current and demand accounts and outstanding credit debts in banks,
  • New loans extended by 20 percent,
  • The total amount of previously withdrawn loans is 15 percent

Effective and operations being carried out with all banks is calculated as a credit note by the Banks Association of Turkey. The credit rating is determined from 0 to 1900. Loan applicants between 0 and 1500 points are considered to be risky, while citizens with a score of 1500 or more have the right to use loans with more favorable interest rates , higher limit amounts and attractive advantages .

The most prominent indicator of how many credit points should be found is that the credit rating is high. Since credit ratings between 1700-1900 points are considered as very good credit points, it is possible to get rid of the risk score score by making regular payments and increasing bank savings.

Why Credit Rating 0?

Why Credit Rating 0?

Regarding credit ratings, the only authorized unit in our country is the records kept by the Credit Registration Bureau . Information is transferred from 9 corporate banks to findeks credit rating . The most important reason for rejecting applications in need, vehicle or housing loan applications is that the customer has a risky credit score or a credit register score of 0. The most important reason for this situation is that there were no transactions in the banking sector before. Failure to apply for a loan or a loan or open a deposit account at any bank means that there are no factors in the calculation of a credit rating. The banking activities of the last 5 years have a direct impact on the determination of the credit registry score.

Credit score learning can be made free of charge with the “Risk Center Report Application sun submitted by the e-Government or can be queried for an average fee of 10 TL from bank branches or internet banking applications. In addition, findeks credit note can be learned in minutes by sending SMS for the birth year of the Turkish Republic ID number for 9 TL.

How to increase credit rating?

How to increase credit rating?

A credit rating of 0 or a risky category makes it impossible to withdraw credit. In order to determine the credit amount at higher limits in the use of credit, the credit score should be increased. Those with a credit register grade of 0 can improve their credit score grades by opening deposit accounts at any bank, using credit cards and making regular payments.

For those with credit rating in risky category;

  • Pay or configure previously unpaid credit or credit card debts,
  • Failure to apply for a loan with a credit rating at risk,
  • Streamline credit card payments and increase credit card usage,
  • Provide long-term credit financing by showing guarantor, collateral or mortgage,
  • Active use of time and demand deposit accounts

Recommended. In this way , it is possible to use credit through banks that do not look at the credit rating .

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