Thousands of people detained in Russia during the largest demonstrations against the war in Ukraine

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Russia has yet to deploy its full military force in Ukraine – analyst

HISTORY: “It is frankly miraculous that they allowed the Ukrainian air force to remain operational eight days after the start of the war, when it should have theoretically had the capabilities to ground it very early in operations,” Clark said. Russian forces in Ukraine have set sparks around the world. alarm on Friday March 4 as they seized Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and Moscow blocked Facebook and some foreign media websites as it passed a ‘fake’ news law amid the increasing censorship of global corporations. Clark speculated that the Kremlin has so far allowed cellphone towers and other operational capabilities to remain intact, as Russian President Vladimir Putin would like to retain the ability to send messages to the Ukrainian people, directly, in an effort to control part of the story. “We think that’s a big part of why they’ve continued trying, in many ways, to send a message to the Ukrainian people instead of frankly imposing a blackout on Ukraine through cyberattacks and other means,” he said. Putin’s action in the United States has drawn near-universal global condemnation, and many countries have imposed heavy sanctions in an effort to squeeze the economy as the West reconciles punishment and avoidance of a widening of the conflict.

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