Polls in Tamil Nadu: DMK manifesto focuses on women, promises to cut fuel prices | Tamil Nadu election news

CHENNAI: Calling his party’s manifesto the party’s “second hero” in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu, DMK leader MP Stalin released the document focusing on benefits for women. Hindu temples and pilgrims are also in the spotlight.
Publishing the manifesto at the party’s headquarters in Chennai on Saturday, Stalin said special courts would be created to try charges against AIADMK ministers and reduce the cost of fuel and domestic gas cylinders. Stalin described the list of running candidates as the “first hero”.
Maternity leave for female government employees would be increased from six months to one year, women would benefit from free passes on city buses and cybercrime police stations to investigate crimes against women, Stalin said, reading the main features of the approximately 400-page manifesto.
Keeping in mind the high fuel prices, the price of gasoline and diesel would be reduced by Rs 5 and Rs 4 per liter respectively, in addition to reducing the cost of a domestic gas cylinder by Rs 100, did he declare.
The government would enact a law guaranteeing 75% of jobs for Tamils ​​in the state, while it would prioritize first generation graduates over public sector employment opportunities, the government said. DMK manifesto. He further said that a separate ministry would be set up to implement all the announced programs.
On the education front, the manifesto said that student loans for students under the age of 30 will be canceled. Free milk would be served to schoolchildren. In the first session of the new assembly, the DMK would pass a law against NEETs, according to the manifesto. The DMK government would increase the working days under the MGNREGA scheme from 100 days to 150 days. MetroRails would be established in Coimbatore, Trichy and other cities in the state, the manifesto added.
He promised to allocate 1,000 crore rupees for the renovation of Hindu temples and to organize dedication ceremonies in addition to sanctioning 25,000 rupees to a lakh of pilgrims visiting famous Hindu temples. Cable car facilities would be set up for all hill sanctuaries, Stalin said.
The DMK government is reportedly urging the Center to advertise Thirukkural as a national textbook and to broadcast live the proceedings of the TN assembly.
The DMK would establish special courts to try corruption charges against AIADMK ministers. “The property tax will not be increased even after people recover from the impact of Covid,” Stalin said.
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