Paytech Rêv launches X World Wallet “super-app” in US

Paytech Rêv has launched its X World Wallet app to US customers nationwide.

The X cards are powered by Visa and issued by Texas First Bank

Through its subsidiary Rêv USA, the X World Wallet will be marketed directly to US consumers and through strategic partnerships with community banks and credit unions.

The offering – which the provider describes as a “super-app” – is a multi-currency debit account combining a loyalty programme, a travel bookings portal, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments and a real-time foreign currency exchange.

The X World Wallet is also Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay compatible.

The account connects to a user’s existing bank account(s) and is linked to physical and digital Visa cards. The cards are issued by Texas First Bank.

Texas First Bank president Christopher Doyle says the X World Wallet offers a collaboration model where Rêv “assists banking partners like us to create new revenue streams and quickly meet our customers’ demand for robust fintech products that are competitive in the market today”.

Rêv Worldwide CEO Roy Sosa says: “In a world of high interest rates, we purposely built a proprietary loyalty programme on a debit platform so customers could earn maximum rewards without the burden of high annual fees and interest charges that too often accompany affinity credit cards.”

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