“Paris of the North”, a new exhibition in Stockholm, shows the Nordic connections of Parisian haute couture


With an emphasis on the artisan work of the workshop and the display of NK Original creations, “Paris of the North” traces the history of Swedish fashion; he also speaks more broadly of a time when Paris was king and when fashion followed a system of diffusion and interpretation by streaming. The exhibition, says Strömquist, is about “the more or less forgotten high-quality haute couture craftsmanship made in Stockholm and the pioneering role of Parisian haute couture in Sweden. It also adds knowledge to the history of international fashion about the role and importance of foreign buyers in spreading Parisian fashion to the world.

An original Balenciaga, 1960.Photo: Helena Bonnevier / Courtesy of Nordiska Museet Stockholm

One of the most interesting takeaways is the bridge between the past and the present of Nordic fashion. “The templates of the Scandinavian style as we know it today were already established at the time. Kurt Jacobsson … was known for his impeccable fashion sense and his ability to translate Parisian fashion into Scandinavian style and taste, ”says the curator. “When he was in Paris, he was always looking for the sober and the timeless rather than the extravagant. Black was her all-time favorite color. There was never a bow, steering wheel or ornament too many, and he strictly adhered to his motto: “The sober is noble.” True elegance can never be too plain and simple. ‘ “


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