No previous government launched health insurance Rs1m: PM



Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that none of the governments in the past made the bold move to provide Rs 1million health insurance to the entire population as he kicked off the distribution National Sehat maps of Naya Pakistan for Punjab from Lahore.

The cards will allow every family in the province to receive medical treatment of up to 1 million rupees per year in public and private hospitals.

Addressing the launch ceremony, the Prime Minister said it was a “revolutionary step”.

Prime Minister Imran congratulated the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, the Minister of Health and all the team involved in the project.

“The government of Punjab has embarked on a path that will uplift the country in accordance with the vision of the ancestors of making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state,” he added.

The prime minister further said that under the program, around 30 million families would benefit from health insurance, which would cost the government 400 billion rupees.

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“Our ancestors dreamed of making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, but unfortunately it could not be developed along this path. “

He added that unfortunately, no welfare state was formed in the Muslim world after Medina and, in fact, the Scandinavian states were closer to this model.

“Denmark, Norway and Sweden have always believed in inclusive growth and had compassion for the weaker segment,” he observed.

“Any individual or nation respecting the teachings of Allah Almighty will obtain His blessings.”

He claimed that Pakistan had more resources than any of the Scandinavian countries, but that they were more prosperous by adopting the model of a welfare state.

“Today, the government of Punjab took a step to put the country on the path of the uplifting of this nation… We want to transform Pakistan [into] what it was created for. If we do not opt ​​for this path, it will be a great betrayal with the Indian Muslims who voted for it.

The prime minister added that some leaders in the past had claimed to make Pakistan an Asian tiger, which in no way could be greater than the idea of ​​a welfare state like the one in Medina.

The Prime Minister told the assembly that time would prove that the Sehat Card initiative, involving almost equal funding, would perform much better than the Metro or Orange Train buses.

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He said all families in the province will receive the Sehat card by March and also decided to replicate the model in Balochistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The prime minister said the Sehat card will lead to the development of health infrastructure across the province. “This will encourage the private sector to build hospitals even in remote areas. “

He also said the government would encourage the private sector by allowing duty-free importation of medical equipment to expand the network of private hospitals.

The prime minister told the assembly that a silent revolution was underway thanks to the government’s initiative of housing construction loans by banks for the working class after the government removed all obstacles.

He said people have applied for loans worth Rs 260 billion, of which Rs 110 billion has been approved and Rs 34 billion has already been disbursed.

Under the Kamyab Pakistan program, Prime Minister Imran mentioned that around two million people have received interest-free loans for the construction of their houses.

In addition, a loan of 0.5 million rupees was also given to farmers and others to start their own businesses.

Through the Ehsaas Ration program, nearly 54% of the population received a 30% subsidy on the purchase of ghee, flour and pulses.

Previously, the Prime Minister had distributed Sehat cards to beneficiaries.

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