News Wrap: Pfizer Says Its Vaccine Is 91% Effective In Preventing COVID In Children 5-11 Years Old


Amna Nawaz:

President Biden, meanwhile, met with Democratic leaders today, trying to strike a deal on his Build Back Better program. The moderates and progressives of the party are currently negotiating a package of social and climate initiatives worth $ 2,000 billion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that a deal is – I quote – “very possible”.

A federal jury in New York City convicted Lev Parnas, a former associate of Rudy Giuliani, for making illegal contributions to the campaign. Parnas used money from a Russian tycoon to support Republican groups, including one that supported then-President Trump.

Separately, Parnas assisted Giuliani in his efforts to have Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden during his father’s presidential campaign in 2020. Giuliani is still under investigation.

China insisted today that there would be no compromise on Taiwan’s status, and it also warned the United States to be careful what it says. President Biden said last night that the United States is determined to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. It seemed to go beyond a long-standing US commitment to help Taiwan defend itself.

The White House was quick to say there had been no policy changes.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made a similar note today when he spoke after a NATO meeting in Brussels.

Llyod Austin, US Secretary of Defense: No one wants to see cross-strait issues tackled, and President Biden certainly not. And there is no reason that it should be. We will continue to help Taiwan with the kinds of capabilities it needs to defend itself, and so we will stay focused on those things.


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