Museveni and Nordic envoys discuss post COVID-19 development and regional security


President Yoweri Museveni called for closer collaboration with partners in vaccine development and said building a strong pathogenic economy will not only promote human and animal health, but also save money and help the economy recover from COVID19.

The President met yesterday with the emissaries of the Nordic countries led by the Ambassador of Norway in Uganda His Excellency Elin Johansen, the Ambassador of Denmark in Uganda Nicolaja Hejberg Petersen, that of Sweden Maria Hakansson and the charge of Icelandic affairs Thardis Sigurardottir . The President and his guests discussed challenges related to Covid-19 and the economy, Covid-19 vaccines deploy their capacities ahead of the reopening of schools, regional peace and security

“We are also developing our own vaccine. The pandemic has shown us the dangers of addiction. Those with reagents like beta-propiolactone used for vaccines were reluctant to sell. When we went further we realized that we could do it here from ethanol.

Please tell your countries to sell us the reagents in the medium term and cooperate with us to make the vaccines, he said.

He urged development partners to help build a pathogenic economy for Uganda and promote human health and financial growth.

President Yoweri Museveni meets with Nordic Ambassadors (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland) on Economic Development and Cooperation at State House Entebbe on October 21, 2021.

“Help us build a pathogenic economy. It is for health and money for both humans and animals. In this way, the economy will recover. The only problem will be companies with debts to the most vulnerable banks, ”he said.

The president said that while the government can use political pressure to prevent banks from selling customers’ property, there is a need to repay the loans.

“There is a structural problem. How to support these companies? Many businesses may go bankrupt. If there are subsidized loans put in UDB, it will help them recover. Farmers are affected by the closure of schools and hotels because no one is buying their produce, but they will be okay, ”he said.

Responding to concerns from development partners that while vaccines arrive, vaccine uptake is slow, the president said they aim to immunize 21 million people by the end of December and pledged to mobilize people aged 50 and over so that they can quickly get their jabs up and ensure their good health.

He instructed the Ministry of Health to develop a written plan for mass outreach with partners. He also said he will address the nation next week to urge Ugandans to get vaccinated.

“Before, the message was not to move, but now we have to encourage people to come to the health centers because the solution is there,” he said.

On regional peace and security issues, President Museveni said some of the ADF and ISIS rebels have ties and many have been arrested while in transit.

He revealed that Uganda now hosts more than 400,000 Congolese refugees affected by insecurity in the neighboring country and that more than 700,000 people have been displaced as a result of the unrest in Mozambique.

“The Security Council should keep bilateral and multilateral commitments and stress that eastern Congo is fertile ground for these groups in a weak country. It’s a problem of a vacuum created by ideological disorientation, ”he said.

On the issue of climate change, the president urged development partners to help solve the micro-issues of climate change, including the preservation of wetlands, forest reserves and the elimination of steeply sloping settlements to stop landslides. ground.

“Help rehabilitate wetlands and forests and recover steep slopes. We need the money for the invaders to leave peacefully by offering them alternative livelihoods, ”he said.

Norwegian Ambassador HE Elin Johansen who led the delegation expressed interest in cooperating with Uganda in the fight against the Covid pandemic, regional issues and climate change issues. She said they were keen to learn about Uganda’s challenges, especially in its efforts to tackle Covid.

Icelandic Affairs Officer Thordis Sigurardottir informed President Museveni that her country had provided 236,000 Corona vaccines in July 2021.

The Envoys looked forward to continued good relations between their bloc and Uganda.


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