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Mintos lowered the risk ratings of eight loan originators in its market and added ratings for recently added companies following a second quarter review.

The European loan market rates its loan companies on the performance of their loan portfolio, the efficiency of loan services, the strength of the buyout and the structure of cooperation between Mintos and the company, giving sub-scores for each category and an overall Mintos risk score.

The Mintos Risk Score ranges from one to 10, with 10 representing low risk and one indicating highest risk, and updates these ratings quarterly.

After a second quarter review, the Mintos risk score was withdrawn for eight credit companies.

This included companies that have inactive status on the platform, such as Latvian lenders AgroCredit and Creamfinance, Indonesian lenders Kredit Pintar and Pinjam Yuk, Mikro Kredit who is in Belarus and Denmark-based Sun Finance.

Mintos said the scores of Dozarplati Russia and Eleving Albania loans have been withdrawn and will no longer be assessed as these loans were redeemed from Mintos investors due to changes in the business directions of the lending companies.

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Mintos has rated 10 new loan companies that it recently added to the platform.

These were Mexican lenders Alivio Capital (score withdrawn), Capem (rated eight), Conmigo Vales (six) and GoCredit (six) and the Mexican entity ID Finance (six) which recently relaunched its activity on Mintos.

Two new companies on Mintos, Jet Finance and LF TECH, offering investment opportunities in Kazakhstan, were rated seven and six respectively.

Other ratings for new lending firms on the platform include: UK litigation finance lender Fenchurch Legal, which was rated six, Watu Credit, which offers motorcycle loans in Uganda and has been rated seven, and Russian lender Zaim Online, which received a Mintos risk score of seven.

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“Due to the high number of new loan companies that we brought in this summer, in this update most of the changes are due to these companies finding their place in Mintos’ risk score monitoring list,” Mintos said in a blog post on his website.

“In addition, for a number of companies, the Mintos risk score for loans has been removed.

“In general, we haven’t noticed any major trends behind the most recent changes in Mintos risk score and sub-scores. Some changes are driven by marginal changes in the company’s financial position in the second quarter of 2021, and others are driven by country-specific factors, for example currency volatility.

“Therefore, most of the changes are seen in the repurchase force sub-score and the loan portfolio performance sub-score. The efficiency of the loan service changed in three cases, and the co-operation structure sub-score remained unchanged for all loans assessed.


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