Mania Series 2022: 10 titles that are making the buzz

Even from the most casual looks, this year’s Mania series boasts a plethora of riches, including, just to start, the latest series from “The Wire’s” David Simon, and “Vikings” Michael Hirst and “The Responder,” with Martin Freeman, which is already being talked about as the European series of the year.

The selection below may not represent the top 10 titles of this year’s Series Mania. (Some of them won’t be revealed until a final jury verdict, if that’s the case.) But the following drama series are sure to generate a lot of excitement or at least curiosity ahead of the March 18-25 edition. of this year from one of the biggest television festivals in Europe.

We own this town

(International competition, USA)

“15 years later, 2017 needs its own ‘The Wire'” Variety announced five years ago. Now, he may finally have one, and by the easiest means possible. “The Wire” creator David Simon and writer George Pelacanos return with a six-hour account of the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trail Task Force. “The style of any work we do has a fundamental similarity,” Simon said in another context. “We are interested in realism. And we’re not selling much in terms of redemption or happy endings. Expect “The Wire” to mix fascinating micro-details and big ideas, and a hard-nosed take on American institutions. HBO produces with OCS in France. JH


(Opening Series, France)

France is very present in Lille this year, holding the festival as headliners and offering two titles in the main competition. No title, however, is more anticipated than Fanny Herrero’s festival opener “Standing Up,” who set the bar high by creating “Call My Agent!” Following the coming-of-age of four comedians from different backgrounds who want to break into stand-up comedy, “Standing Up” would have many of the same qualities: an often hilarious ensemble show spotlighting new talent and having Paris as a backdrop. “The Leftovers” Season 2 and “Succession” both premiered Series Mania. This is an opportunity for Herrero to be consecrated as one of the great French television authors. A Netflix Original. EK/JH

Courtesy of Netflix/Mika Cotellon

Billy the kid

(International competition, USA)

Created by Michael Hirst, also behind “The Tudors” and “Vikings”, this ambitious series seeks the man (or rather the boy) behind the legend. Taking a closer look at the would-be outlaw’s difficult childhood – as his Irish family embark on a long, desperate journey for a better future – and then a young gunman trying his best to survive, the English screenwriter seems ready to offer Tom Blyth, recently seen in “The Gilded Age”, with a role beast. An EPIX Studios and MGM International Television production, produced in association with Viaplay. Mo

The baby

(International competition, United Kingdom)

After doing “Chernobyl”, then “Landscapers”, with Olivia Colman and David Thewlis in extraordinary form, and “This Is Going to Hurt”, hailed as a BBC “Scrubs”, brand new Sister series these days- this will raise high expectations. “The Baby” is no exception. The anticipation here is primed with a main spot in the Series Mania international competition, co-creators Sian Robins Grace and Lucy Gaymer, chosen from Variety 10 Europeans to Watch, Nicole Kassell (“Watchmen”) as lead director, and an anti-taboo take on motherhood, seen through a genre and a comedic surrealist lens. An HBO/Sky series. JH

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“The answering machine”
Courtesy Series Mania

The answering machine

(International Panorama, United Kingdom)

For some countries, the buzz is now over, replaced by rave reviews. For others, where “The Responder” has yet to bow, expectations are high. Airing from January 24 on BBC One to superb ratings, the crime drama features Freeman as an emergency response police officer on the wire of night work in Liverpool. Overwhelmed, depressed, his work is a futile series of confrontations with mocking hoodies, hopeless homeless people and inept baghead junkies. The sessions with his psychologist, when he talks about his fear of inner violence, also strike him. Buzz is now that Freeman and first-time writer Tony Stephenson will be cleaning up at the end of the year. Fremantle sold out the series entirely. JH

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“Last Summer of Raspberries”
Courtesy Series Mania

Last summer of raspberries

(International Panorama, Canada)

Few writers seem as ineradicably cooked as Canadian actress-turned-screenwriter Florence Longpré who finds great comedy in deep tragedy as a still-young woman tries to come to terms with her husband’s untimely death, while beginning to run his ranch. . She finds the greatest support — and humanity — in her Latino farm workers who just months before couldn’t kiss. Appreciated at the Berlinale Series, Longpré’s second series caught fire with a third, “Audrey’s Back”, which she co-wrote recently announced in Canneseries competition. JH

The king

(International Competition, Italy)

An Italian pedigree set, written by Stefano Bises, whose credits include ‘Gomorrah’, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ and ‘The New Pope’, featuring Luca Zingaretti of ‘Inspector Montalbano’ and a Sky Original produced by Fremantle’s The Apartment and Wildside (“The New Pope,” “My Brilliant Friend”). Premiering in Rome on Wednesday, the series’ trailer suggests it could also bring a new edge to Italian television in its violence and ruthless power play. A Fremantle Selling Title JH

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“Fire Dance”
Courtesy Series Mania

fire dance

(International Competition, Israel)

The series sees director Rama Burshtein-Shai follow her award-winning feature films ‘Fill the Void’ and ‘The Wedding Plan’ with a complex and predictable take on a young woman developing strong feelings for a married son of the leader of their ultra community. -orthodox. “I don’t think it’s an impossible love story. It’s a story about how you deal with passion,” Burshtein-Shai said. Variety before the premiere of Series Mania. “You can get burned or you can shut it all down – so what are you going to do with it?” International sales are handled by Yes Studios. Mo


(International competition, Finland)

For a good half-decade, Scandinavian writers have fought to breathe new life into Nordic Noir. One answer, says ‘Transport’ creator Auli Mantila, is ‘Ordinoir’, here the story of three women – a bank loan manager, a stubborn journalist and a persistent insurance claims clerk – embroiled in a case singular and very unpleasant international horse trade and food fraud ranging from Finland to Belgium. Mantila is a qualified farrier. In the singular “Transport”, his love of horses shines through. REinvent manages sales. JH

Tender Chair

(French competition, France)

Launched in 2018, France Télévisions Slash has earned a reputation as a gender/social drama for older teens that sometimes achieves greater success. Think of the “Stalk” of 2020. There is therefore great curiosity to see what it makes of this entry in the French Competition, of the co-screenwriter of “Le Brio” Yaël Langmann, about the new student of a high school, Sasha, who is intersex, and has one year to decide to have an operation. The series looks promising, albeit on problem-oriented fare, no matter how lofty, execution is everything. JH

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