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It is very common for people to get into debt and ultimately lose their financial control. We live in an extremely consumerist period, where spending has never been easier: you can buy everything you can imagine without even leaving home, through the internet. And then knowing how to save money becomes an increasingly arduous task. But there are some tips that can help you. And the best: many are so simple to adopt that you will wonder how you did not do this before. Want to find out how to save money and get out of control?

List your fixed account

We all have accounts we have to pay every month, regardless of what we do. To learn how to save money, you should start by listing your most basic spending. Take a piece of paper and put all your monthly expenses right there: electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, rent, petrol bills, grocery, taxes, or any expenses you own, even if cable TV bills or gym fees, if that is your case

That way, you no longer have that money, because it is not real: it appears in your payment, but you will never have it available, because it is a gross amount: it is the minimum for you to “pay”. From now on, you will know when you have left and you can schedule yourself to spend only what is really left, avoiding expenses and saving what is possible.

Pay your debts

Pay your debts

Nothing can undermine a person’s finances more than spend on a card or financial interest. Do everything you can: sell cars, goods, ask for help, but pay your dues. The interest rates charged in Brazil are high, so do not get your financial control, get rid of your debts and start saving money as soon as you get out of the hole.

Do not just stand by the savings …

Do not just stand by the savings ...

Brazilians have a habit of investing only in savings, but the truth is that, although traditional, it is not the one that pays the best and is not the safest investment there.

Should the bank fail, the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) only returns investments of up to 250 thousand reais. The Treasury Direct, for example, is more assured, because you only lose if the federal government itself default, which seems unlikely in modern times.

Save any money

Keeping all that remains is a basic attitude of those who want to make a good living. If you receive a refund of your income tax, a job promotion, or any unexpected amount, do not spend everything and then fail into regret: save. So you have an amount to help you in difficult times and you do not need to go into debt any more if you have trouble.

By following these tips, you will begin to learn how to save money rather than creating debt. By adopting the right habits, this will be natural and simple, since having a financial planning will become a routine without major problems. Do not waste more time and start as soon as possible: there is no better feeling than waking up safe and quiet!

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