How a Swedish mafia drug gang amassed a fortune on Spain’s Costa

How a Swedish mafia drug gang amassed a fortune on Spain’s Costa del Sol

How a Swedish Mafia drug gang amassed a fortune on Spain’s Costa del Sol using a moving company as cover.

Spain’s National Police, in one of their most successful investigations of the year, uncovered a massive illegal drug operation involving the transfer of substances by moving trucks between San Pedro Alcántara in Spain and Sweden.

Profits generated in the Nordic country went back to buying luxury real estate in some of the best areas of Marbella, Estepona or Benahavís.

During the investigation, it was also discovered that the gang had rented properties to launder large sums of money.

Swedish moving company Roslagen had been crisscrossing Europe for years with their trucks loaded with furniture. The company is based more than 3,000 kilometers away and served both compatriots who returned home after a stay in Spain and those who were starting a new life attracted by the sun and the way of life.

With offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, the company flourished until the opening of small branches in Marbella and Torrevieja (Alicante), two destinations where it found most of its clients.

It was information from the Swedish authorities that put the Spanish National Police on alert in 2018. The continued movement to southern Spain of some Swedish individuals of great interest in the police suggested that they were looking for the same suppliers. drug.

These movements eventually led Udyco Central agents to a warehouse in the industrial area of ​​San Pedro Alcántara, which, although observed, was found to be carrying out “very strange” activities.

Rented to the Swedish company by a Spaniard, there were days when the workers locked themselves in the premises for many hours, as if preparing shipments of very special furniture.

The manager, son and nephew of the owners of the company who ran the business across Europe, lived like royalty, frequenting only the best places in Marbella, driving around in a Hummer-type car, all the finery of the richness.

Under close surveillance, officers allowed the suspects to continue their operations until the arrival of the first shipment of drugs.

One of the most famous drug operations was carried out in Stockholm where 55,000 units of an opiate drug used as a heroin substitute were transported to the Swedish capital by one of Roslagen’s trucks.

A few days later, in Gothenburg, 85 kilos of hashish were intercepted and arrived hidden in furniture in San Pedro Alcántara.

Suspecting new cargo, National Police broke into the truck and arrested the manager and an assistant as they prepared a move of 265 kilos of hashish, although they also found four kilos of marijuana at the home of the ‘One. Two.

Simultaneously, in Sweden, the two owners of the company were arrested and investigators seized 12 properties in the provinces of Malaga, Alicante, Ávila and Granada.

The gang’s collection of high-value real estate was just the tip of the economic iceberg facing investigators, who found that the dismantled group and others revolving around it had created a vast network aimed at launder millions of euros.

Among those under investigation is the husband of the current mayor of Marbella, real estate businessman Lars Gunnar Broberg, and his son Joakim, who was recently arrested in Brazil after being on the run for several months, according to laopiniondemalaga.

During the transaction, 64 luxury properties and land were seized and the total assets and goods recovered exceed 55 million euros.

The national police said that these groups were acting like “real mafias” in the province of Malaga: “With the investment of the huge profits from their illicit activities, they had a very real influence on the real estate market in the region.

The investigation also concludes that the network banked the money illegally obtained abroad and bought quantities of gold for the same purpose, opening accounts in the name of foreign companies, acquiring luxury goods. and providing loans to companies based in Spain to launder money.


The different phases of Operation Mueble led to the arrest of 71 criminals in both countries, among which stands out one of the most violent criminals in the Nordic country, who was in Madrid.

In total, 1,700 kilos of hashish, 500 kilos of marijuana, 55,000 units of an opiate, 5 kilos of cocaine, 23 kilos of amphetamine, two submachine guns, a rifle, eight short weapons, a hand grenade, five pistols were been seized.

On the money side, the authorities seized: 592,000 euros in cash, 1,850,000 euros in bank accounts, bitcoin wallets with an estimated value of 15,000 euros, and properties valued at more than 14 million euros which will be sold to recover the money.

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