He looks like a keeper

Oh, it was a long walk to the car in the wee hours and the engine didn’t warm up fast enough for me, but my wife and son braved the elements for four quarters so I’m in no position to complain.

Mike from Cottage Grove, MN

Peaking too soon or getting ready to roll into the playoffs?

All we’ve heard for the last three weeks is the Packers supposedly weren’t playoff-ready. Now a blowout win against an overmatched backup QB and everybody wants to say they’ve peaked. As usual, the truth on all counts lies somewhere in between.

Marjorie from Roseville, CA

So, who do we have to bribe to keep the temps at Lambeau 10 or less?

Aaron Rodgers sure would like to know. I find it pretty amazing at age 38 he’s always saying “the colder, the better,” and he can put up 37 points (leaving several more out there) in sub-zero wind chills. I really like this team’s chances later this month if it gets the weather in its favor with a full-throated Lambeau crowd.

Henry from Brown Deer, WI

IIers, based on wins next week will there be movement of the teams that clinched? 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5, right?

If all the division leaders in the NFC win, the Rams will be the 2, the Buccaneers the 3, the Cowboys the 4, and the Cardinals the 5. But the 49ers, who are trying to secure a wild card, are playing the Rams, and if San Francisco wins that game, the Rams could drop all the way to the 5. Stay tuned.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

Is it still true that in the second round of the NFL playoffs the brackets are reseeded so that the No. 1 seed plays the worst seeded team remaining?

Yes, when wild-card weekend rolls around, the Packers will be looking at four possible opponents in the divisional round – the 4 through 7 seeds.

Great victory over the Vikings. Another 13-win season has me ecstatic and grateful. I’m also looking back at all the questionable comments about this team in the first five weeks and hope some people realize the big picture. It’s a long season and this team looks the part. In your opinion, what is the key for this team to make a long postseason run?

Continue to protect the football, limit the big plays on defense, and keep the special teams even-keel. Last January, the initial 0-2 turnover hole vs. Tampa and two long passes led to the 28-10 deficit. The other piece is continuing to protect Rodgers, who hasn’t been sacked in two straight games now. This offensive line has been through a lot and held up remarkably well. It felt similarly last year until that final game when the injuries caught up to them.

It’s a great morning. Three weeks ago I sent a message to the Inbox saying a loss by Dallas and us winning four straight would make the Detroit game meaningless and that could give Aaron almost three weeks for his toe to heal. It happened so do you think ML will do that?

That’ll be the storyline of the week. After the game, Rodgers and Davante Adams both said they want to play, and LaFleur sounded inclined to play the starters, though I doubt it’ll be for the whole game. We’ll have to see.

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