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EU leaders strongly lined up in criticizing Warsaw on Thursday for defying the EUthe legal basis of, but PolandThe prime minister said he would not succumb to “blackmail” before joining the top of the 27-nation bloc, Reuters reports.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said he is ready to resolve disputes with Brussels, although many fear that the ideological divide between Eastern and Western Europe poses an existential threat to the EU himself. “A few days ago, the legal basis of our union was called into question”, European Parliament President David Sasoli said in a letter as leaders gathered in Brussels for their summit. “It was not the first time, of course, and it will not be the last. But the Union has never been called into question so radically”, he added. he said.

Persistent tensions between Polandthe ruling nationalists and the liberal majority of the bloc have since increased PolandThe Constitutional Court ruled this month that elements of EU are incompatible with the country’s constitution, calling into question the central principle of EU the integration. The dispute not only risks provoking a new fundamental crisis for the bloc, which is still grappling with the effects of Brexit. It could deprive Poland generous EU aid. “Certain European institutions are appropriating the right to decide questions which do not fall within their competence”, Morawiecki said before entering the negotiations, which come two days after the CommissionThe executive threatened to take action against Warsaw. “We will not succumb to blackmail (…) but, of course, we will discuss how to resolve the current differences in dialogue.”

Western countries seek above all to prevent monetary contributions from their governments to the EU in favor of socially conservative politicians who they believe violate human rights enshrined in European law. “If you want to have the advantage of being at a club … then you have to follow the rules”, said Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cru. “You can’t be a club member and say, “The rules don’t apply to me. Leaders of countries like Ireland and France have called on Warsaw to return to the ranks. Speaking of judicial reform in Poland, which places its courts under increased government control, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was difficult to see how new EU the funds could be channeled to the Eastern European country, adding: “We have to be firm”.

Moravecki’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) has raised its stakes after years of growing hostility to the EU on a series of democratic principles, from free courts and media to the rights of women, migrants and LGBT + people. The Commission has so far prevented Warsaw from using € 57 billion from the recovery fund in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU The Supreme Court could also impose more fines on Poland, the EUthe largest country of ex-communism with a population of 38 million. For the bloc, the last reversal of hostilities with the PiS also comes at a sensitive time. Last year the EU took the step towards closer integration by agreeing joint loans to raise 750 billion euros for economic recovery from the pandemic, overcoming strong resistance from wealthy Nordic countries. Morawiecki rejected the idea of ​​Polexit – leaving the bloc – and popular support for membership remains very high in Poland, which benefited greatly from EU funding since joining in 2004. But Warsaw, backed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, wants to give back the powers of national capitals and attack what it sees as the excessive powers of the European Commission. Poland is one of the best European countries. There is no need for sanctions, it’s ridiculous “, said Orban.

As many grow frustrated with failed attempts to persuade Warsaw to change course, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against isolating Poland. “We have to find ways to get back together”, she said, adding that bringing many cases against Poland before the European Court of Justice was not a solution. However, her influence has waned as the veteran of more than 100 summits in her 16 years in power travels to Brussels for what may be her last meeting with European leaders before handing over to a new German chancellor.

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