Energy efficiency project implemented in Lutsk saves energy and improves learning environment



Energy-efficient and modernized daycares, schools and cultural and sports facilities in the city of Lutsk will significantly reduce heat and electricity consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the learning environment by over 26,000 city ​​children and teachers.

Lutsk is a city in northwestern Ukraine with approx. 217,000 inhabitants. Before the implementation of the project, the city was struggling with high energy consumption, mainly due to the heating of its public buildings. Due to the wear and tear of facades, roofs, windows and doors, as well as energy-consuming kitchen equipment and inefficient interior lighting in buildings, there has been significant loss of heat and electricity. . Additionally, the low interior temperatures combined with worn out heating and ventilation systems meant that the old buildings did not provide good learning environments for city children.

Today, the Lutsk Energy Efficiency Project, with more than 30 renovated educational, cultural and sports buildings and facilities, was inaugurated in the city, together with all project partners. The project was funded with contributions from Sweden, the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P), the city and Nefco. Norway is an E5P donor and, along with Sweden and the other Nordic countries, a country that owns Nefco.

“Sweden is a big contributor to energy efficiency modernizations in Ukraine, both in public buildings and district heating, as well as the initiator of the E5P fund during the Swedish EU Presidency in 2009. In As one of the funders of the project, we are very happy to see the result of Sweden’s contribution and be part of the inauguration of the project, which is expected to have a significant environmental and social impact on the city ”, commented Tobias Thyberg, Swedish Ambassador to Ukraine at the inauguration in Lutsk.

“We cooperate with Nefco and support investments in energy efficiency in several cities in Ukraine. Through the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative (NUEE), a similar investment is currently being implemented in the nearby town of Rivne. By financing more energy efficient public buildings, we are supporting the development of municipal infrastructure and services. Better energy efficiency also helps to reduce energy imports and improve Ukraine’s energy self-sufficiency and security, ”explained Erik Svedahl, Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine in Lutsk.

Nefco started its cooperation with the city of Lutsk in 2013 and signed the loan agreement for the current project in May 2018. Based on the feasibility study carried out, funded by Sweden, it was decided to focus on educational, cultural and sporting buildings and facilities, including daycare centers, schools, art and music schools, as well as a public swimming pool. A total of 31 buildings were included in the project, of which 27 buildings were fully renovated, 21 buildings received new individual heat substations with smart regulation of heat consumption depending on weather conditions and 4 buildings had renovated heat pipes.

“By implementing this project, we pursued several goals. The first was energy savings. Today the price of gas in Ukraine has reached an all-time high, and all educational institutions are heated with contributions from the city budget. The second goal was practical, as there had been constant complaints from many schools and daycares about not meeting indoor temperature levels during the winter. The third goal was aesthetics. L The appearance of these educational establishments changes the appearance of the neighborhoods in which they are located. We have made good progress, but there are still other educational, cultural, medical and sports establishments and facilities to be renovated by installing measures of energy efficiency. We are very grateful for the support of Nefco and all the donors of the project and look forward to your continued cooperation, “said Ihor Polishchuk, mayor of the city of Lutsk in connection with the inauguration.

The total investment of the project is 9.5 million euros (approximately 295 million UAH). In addition to Nefco’s loan funding of € 5 million (approx. 156 million UAH), the project was funded by E5P to the tune of € 1.3 million (approx. 41 million UAH), by Sweden to the tune of EUR 0.4 million (approximately UAH 12.2 million). ) for technical assistance and support for the preparation and implementation of projects, and by the city itself with 2.8 million euros (approximately 85.3 million UAH).

“We are delighted to see the results of this socially important investment for the city of Lutsk. Improving energy efficiency and rehabilitating the heart of the neighborhood are the two main priority sectors of the E5P fund, which supports Ukraine with grants of nearly 140 million euros. These types of investments not only improve the lives of people living in Ukraine, but also play a crucial role in the fight against climate change, reforms and the overall decarbonization of the country ”, commented Kateryna Stasiuk, principal director of the E5P at the inauguration in Lutsk.

The project will have a significant environmental and social impact for the city and its inhabitants. The energy efficiency measures implemented should result in annual reductions of around 11,000 MWh of heat, 600 MWh of electricity and 4,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This will reduce the annual costs for the city but, more importantly, it has created good and comfortable learning environments for more than 26,000 schoolchildren and teachers in the city.

“We are very happy to be able to celebrate the successful implementation of the project today with all donors and project partners in Lutsk. The project will have a significant impact for many residents of the city and is an important step in the city’s transition to a sustainable future. Good and efficient cooperation with the city and all project partners has enabled this large-scale energy efficiency project to be implemented in about two years, and under difficult circumstances due to the Covid-pandemic. 19 ”, commented Amund Beitnes, Director of Investments at Nefco for the inauguration.

The energy efficiency project implemented in the city of Lutsk is the third Nefco project completed in cooperation with E5P. Overall, Nefco has so far implemented more than 170 projects in Ukraine since 2010 and continues to cooperate with Ukrainian municipalities, supporting them in their energy improvements related to public buildings, district heating and water treatment. water and sewage.

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About E5P

The Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) is a multi-donor and multi-international financial institution (IFI) support fund created through an initiative of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union in 2009. The E5P fund for Ukraine amounts to 137.5 million d ‘euros, representing the commitments made by the European Union as the largest contributor to the fund and Sweden as the largest bilateral contributor supporting Ukraine, as well as Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany , Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United States. Ukraine is also an E5P donor with 20 million euros. E5P grants are used along with loans from IFIs to complement investments in municipal infrastructure to improve Ukraine’s energy efficiency while having a beneficial impact on the environment and combating climate change. To date, there are 25 investment projects supported by E5P across Ukraine with a total investment volume of 960 million euros.

Photo: Nursery n ° 9 – City of Lutsk


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