Cybersecurity is top priority in infra-digital, investments say

12h | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Cybersecurity is the main building block of digital infrastructure over the next few years, according to a new survey conducted by one of Capacity’s sister titles.

IJGlobal, published by the same company as Capacity, states in its new Digital Infrastructure (DI) report that while 65.3% say cost reduction is the main benefit of ID and 61.1% say resilience is the second main benefit, even – 70% – are worried about cybersecurity.

The 36-page report, released this week, sees “rapid development in the sector as the market moves rapidly and participants become more comfortable with it as an asset class.”

The report received international responses from nearly 200 infrastructure and energy industry professionals who are involved in delivering, financing, lending or advising on transactions in digital infrastructure.

IJGlobal expects this trend to continue in the coming years with a corresponding increase in market activity.

The report ranks the United States, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden and Hong Kong in the top five in terms of digital infrastructure competitiveness, followed by Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Korea, Norway and from Finland. The survey covers knowledge, technology and future readiness.

He considers that the main challenges of digital infrastructure are government and regulatory policies, followed by insufficient technical expertise.

The report sardonically notes that Germany, Europe’s largest economy, “is an example of a country combining government inertia with a tight digital skills market.”

IJGlobal states that Germany “has suffered a significant loss of competitiveness over the past three years” and adds: “In 2016, the German ministry responsible for infrastructure and digital infrastructure announced a 14-year infrastructure investment program and € 265 billion in traditional infrastructure, including roads, railways and inland waterways. However, it did not include any mention of digital infrastructure.

The report says that 56% of those polled say roads and railways will be the most overtaken by DI.

IJGlobalthe digital infrastructure report is available here.

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