CYBER1 Secures Additional Funding of €1,500,000 from Existing Shareholders

Loan amount and availability
The loan, for a total amount of €1,500,000, to the Company is arranged by two existing shareholders and divided equally between SVE Group BVa company closely associated with the shareholder Sjan Van Ettekoven and Marlo Finance BV

Maturity and interest
The loan matures as follows: €1,500,000 on September 30, 2024 (maturity amount). Interest on the Maturity Amount will be paid by the Borrower on each Interest Capitalization Date either by a cash payment or by a directed set-off issue of new ordinary shares (or a combination of both), as decided by the lender within forty-five (45) business days prior to each Interest Capitalization Date (otherwise payment in new shares will be the default arrangement). The subscription price for Interest Shares will be equal to 85% of the volume-weighted average price of the Borrower’s shares on Nasdaq First North for thirty (30) consecutive trading days immediately preceding the Interest Accumulation Date. concerned. The lender will have at any time during the term of the loan, in one or more instalments, the right to demand repayment of at least 25% of the total amount of the loan against receipt of new ordinary shares issued by the Company, with a price subscription fee for each of these new shares will be €0.05. The loan may be prepaid by the Company, in whole or in part, at any time, when interest accrues until prepayment in respect of the Maturity Amount, without any additional premium or penalty. No arrangement fees or other fixed fees of any kind will apply to the loan agreement.

Security provisions
As security for all of its obligations under the loan agreement, the Company pledges all the shares of the CSSA and CSAD subsidiaries held by the Company, plus 25% for interest coverage.

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