Chris Heaton-Harris and Sandi Toksvig attend the opening of the first Carbon Positive upgrade at Denmark Hill, London


Yesterday, September 2, 2021, Network Rail invited RailAdvent to attend the opening of a new entrance at Denmark Hill station in London, the first carbon positive upgrade of its kind in Europe after the works, which have cost around £ 7.5million.

Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris was joined by comedian and host Sandi Toksvig and representatives from Network Rail, GTR, Camberwell Society, Kings College and Maudsley NHS hospitals as well as actress Daniele Arthur- Kennedy, who read ‘The Test’, a poem by Una Marson, which is now displayed at the station.

The Department of Transportation funded the work, which is designed to relieve overcrowding at the station, which sometimes involved a 10-minute wait to leave the station.

Credit: RailAdvent

The Denmark Hill station and cycle center also includes a new photovoltaic film which has been installed on the new roof, capable of producing more energy than the building needs, and will feed the reserve back into the national grid.

The new entrance and exit will mean the 15,000 patients and staff will have 200m less to travel to get to Kings College and Maudsley hospitals. Maudsley Hospital is expected to reopen in 2023 after major work is completed.

The Windsor Walk wall is listed and has been rebuilt to its original design, partly funded by the Railway Heritage Trust.

The entrance also includes a range of artwork courtesy of Godfried Donkor, who uses traditional Adinkra symbols from Ghana.

The station upgrade was shortlisted for two 2021 National Rail Awards – “Infrastructure Project of the Year” and “Sustainability of the Year”.

Denmark Hill improvements open to the public
Credit: RailAdvent

Railways Minister Chris Heaton Harris said: “This upgrade turns a Victorian station into a modern experience for passengers – reducing congestion, improving access and introducing new space for passengers. cyclists and works of art.

“Making this new Denmark Hill extension the first ‘carbon positive’ upgrade using innovative solar technology also demonstrates our ambition to ensure that our rail network is greener for passengers and better for our environment. “

Network Rail’s managing director for the southern region, John Halsall, said: accessible and passenger-friendly.

“The new upgrade is highly sustainable, using solar power solutions that actually produce more electricity than the station upgrade needs, so we can put electricity back on the grid. network.

“We were able to complete this project on time and on budget despite the impact of Covid, and this is a testament to our relationship with GTR, Camberwell Society and The Salvation Army for loaning us some of their site for the works. “

Denmark Hill improvements open to the public
Credit: RailAdvent

Lorcan Woods, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Sustainability at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are delighted to have contributed to the new Denmark Hill Station cycle platform. As part of our active commuting plan, we are committed to providing additional bicycle storage for staff who cycle to work and to help local residents in our community lead active lives. Climate and health are fundamentally linked, and our new Strong Roots, Global Reach strategy seeks to address both. “

David Bradley, Managing Director of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Improving access to our campus will make a big difference to the people who use our services, their caregivers and families, and our staff who uses Denmark Hill station for travel. work. The improvement work supported our vision to improve services and our domain for the local population.

Denmark Hill improvements open to the public
Credit: RailAdvent

Nick Mair, President of the Camberwell Society, said: “We are delighted with the collaborative experience of this project. Working with Network Rail, the project team and the Camberwell community, we have created a unique welcome at Denmark Hill Station reflecting the history and culture of Camberwell.

Network Rail worked closely with the railway operating companies GTR and Great Northern to develop and design the program and also worked with the Salvation Army which provided space at its Champion Hill site for the project team, helping to minimize the impact of the work.

Denmark Hill improvements open to the public
Credit: RailAdvent

Tom Moran, Managing Director of Thameslink and Great Northern, said: “We are delighted to welcome this major investment in Denmark Hill.

“This not only guarantees more comfort and convenience for many years to come, it also supports our commitment to making our resorts more accessible, attractive and sustainable for the local communities we serve. It’s also a great showcase of what the rail industry can do in partnership with local employers and community groups to build back better and more environmentally.

“The fabulous works of art help connect this new north entrance to the south side of the station, where the Camberwell Society has installed a magical sculpture gallery as part of our network-wide improvement program.”

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