Budapest ranked among the best brunches in Europe

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, has been crowned one of the brunch capitals of the EU, with reviews of restaurants serving brunch in the capital scoring 8.68 out of 10.

That’s according to a new study from, which analyzed customer ratings of more than 235,000 restaurants in every European capital, to finally uncover the best city to enjoy an al fresco brunch this summer. .

The results:


City Country)

Average price

Brunch rating out of 10


Athens (Greece)




Zagreb (Croatia)




Valletta (Malta)




Lisbon (Portugal)

20,48 €



Sofia (Bulgaria)




prague (Czechia)




Bratislava (Slovakia)




Bucharest (Romania)

32,52 €



Vilnius (Lithuania)




Budapest (Hungary)




Rome (Italy)




Copenhagen (Denmark)




Riga (Latvia)




amsterdam (Netherlands)

22,36 €



Warsaw (Poland)



Budapest, Hungary has the 10e the best rated brunches in Europe

Budapest, Hungary takes 10e place with a rating of 8.68 out of 10 for brunch. With 993 restaurants available, a brunch in the Hungarian capital will set you back just €17.92, the fourth cheapest of all EU capitals analyzed, and nearly three-quarters (70%) cheaper than Copenhagen, Denmark ( €61.28).

Athens, Greece has the highest rated brunches in Europe

The Greek capital of Athens takes first place, with an average score of 8.88/10 for brunches. With 1,136 restaurants to choose from, the average price for brunch in the ancient city is just €16.66 on average, the fifth cheapest of all the capitals analysed. It’s barely 24 cents more than a brunch in Bratislava in Slovakia, the cheapest in Europe (€16.42 on average).

Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, takes second place with an 8.85 out of 10 rating for brunch. Despite the high number of customer reviews, the average price of a meal at one of these top brunch restaurants is the seventh most expensive in Europe, at €32.48. This is almost double (94%) the average price of a brunch in Athens (€16.66).

Malta’s Mediterranean capital, Valletta, takes third place with an average score of 8.83/10 for its brunch restaurants. Not only does the capital offer some of the best brunch spots across the continent, it’s also the second highest-rated European capital for vegetarian restaurants, with a whopping 8.84/10.

Lisbon, Portugal ranks fourth with a rating of 8.82 out of 10 for brunch. With 2,010 restaurants available, brunch in the Portuguese capital is not only highly rated, but also reasonably inexpensive, costing just €20.48 on average. This is 8% cheaper than neighboring capital Madrid, Spain, however, the Spanish capital offers 9% more restaurants (2209).

Bratislava, Slovakia is the cheapest capital for brunches

Ranking seventh with an 8.74/10 rating for brunch, Bratislava, Slovakia is also the cheapest place in Europe to enjoy the breakfast and lunch combo. Costing an average of €16.42 for a meal, 75% cheaper than Copenhagen, Denmark (€67.89), the Slovak capital excels not only in brunch restaurants, but also in cafes – with a note of coffee of 8.94/10, the fifth highest of all European coffees. analyzed capitals.


  1. set out to determine the best European cities for foodies.
  2. By analyzing over 236,834 four-star or higher restaurants in over 1,356 cities across Europe, was able to garner 47 million user reviews from a reputable restaurant review site.
  3. Each restaurant in the sample contains attributes such as location, cuisines, meals offered, user ratings, and price range. These attributes were used to identify restaurants rated four stars or higher that fall into the following categories: vegetarian, cafe, pub, fast food, and brunch.
  4. To accurately map every restaurant in a specific European city, restaurant coordinates were geocoded backwards using the 2021 Boundary Line dataset, collected from Eurostat.
  5. The Eurostat shapefile does not have boundary lines for these European countries. This explains the missing data for the capitals of Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Ukraine – Liechtenstein has been removed results because its results were based only on 19 restaurants.
  6. After analyzing the price ranges of restaurants, places with an average price above €130 were omitted from the study. Similarly, cities with fewer than 49 restaurants were removed from the dataset.
  7. Average brunch restaurant user ratings were extracted and final ratings were displayed out of 10 to help differentiate between similar ratings.
  8. For the purposes of this press release, only EU countries have been considered for the study in order to be able to accurately compare the prices analyzed.
  9. The data was collected on 09/20/21 and is subject to change.


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